Wednesday, 16 September 2009

37: Twelve Days - Twelve Movies (Repost)

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Originally posted: 07-Mar-09.

I don't watch enough movies.

I've got an unlimited card for the local Cineworld, which means I get to go as often as I like for £13.50 a month (which is less than going to see two movies at full price anyway), and I usually get down there once or twice a week (with the second one being at the weekend). That keeps me up to date with the new stuff, but it still feels like I don't see enough stuff I've not seen before. I've got a stack of DVDs in the house that I haven't watched yet, but by the time I get in from work, shower, eat, navigate around any TV shows my good lady wants to watch, and whizz through any design jobs that have landed in my inbox... it's too late to put a DVD on. The cinema's different, because it forces you leave the house (...I know) for a set time, but DVDs are just too flexible for the busy person in 2009.

So anyway, my fianceé flies out to the US next week, to go to a friend's wedding, and I'll have 12 days to watch what I like (after doing the other 'stuff' mentioned above, obviously). To that end, I'm going to watch one movie every day for twelve days. I shall make time. No rules as such, but the guidelines are:

Mostly stuff I haven't seen before
• At least three of which will be the kind of thing I'd normally avoid
• No movies I've seen a lot
• Some of them will be at the cinema, so some new stuff
• I'll update here every day with a brief 'review' of what I watched

So, if you have any suggestions for stuff you enjoy but I may not have seen, fire away :)
All styles/genres are open, but obviously I reserve the right to shake my head and think of an excuse why not :p

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