Monday, 15 November 2010

83: Seven Days - Seven Movies (Part 2)

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Whoops, I did it again.
Been at the cinema every day for a week. Here's what I saw, each film rated out of seven and reviewed in seven words.

Tuesday 9 November:
1. Due Date

Engaging, entertaining, funny... instantly forgettable. Worth seeing.

Wednesday 10 November:
2. Let Me In

Vampires, without whining. Great film, beautifully made.

Thursday 11 November:
3. Saw 3D

Enjoyable. Nothing new, but new isn't needed.

Friday 12 November:
4. Skyline

Like Independence Day, but with no exposition.

Saturday 13 November:
5. Red

Hugely entertaining, excellently cast. Enjoyed this muchly.

Sunday 14 November:
6. Despicable Me (3D):

Grinned like an idiot throughout this film!

Monday 15 November:
7. Jackass 3D

Funny, but this shit's ten years old...

Brought to you by Cineworld Unlimited. All the movies you can eat for £13.50 a month.
Well, you have to pay £1.50 to see the 3D ones, but it's really no big deal, when regular ticket prices for those are the best part of a tenner.

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  1. I had high hopes for Skyline. The trailers made it look amazing (which I guess is their job). I like a good alien invasion movie. Shame its been panned by everybody.

  2. It's truly 'fucking awful'. I registered at the IMDB just to post this review:
    Then I found out that all the other reviews there say the same thing...