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105: The A to Z of the GFFA...

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The A-to-Z of the GFFA.

Hello. I'm doing a series of Star Wars based blog posts on the A-to-Z of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. Each entry will be 1,000 words based loosely on its alphabetical subject.

This is the index page for those posts, which will be updated as each one goes live.

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A is for Arthur A is for Arthur (and Ackmena).
B is for Best B is for Best (and Binks).
C is for Cockney C is for Cockney (and Christopher).
D is for Delegation D is for Delegation (and Dooku).
E is for Eternal Life E is for Eternal Life (and Endor).
F is for Fluffy F is for Fluffy (and Feral).
G is for Greed G is for Greed (and George).
H is for Hairy H is for Hairy (or Hirstute).
I is for Ink I is for Ink (and Individuality).
J is for Justification J is for Justification (and Jedi).
K is for Kickass K is for Kickass (and Katarn).
L is for Lignan Crystals L is for Lignan Crystals (and Lager).
M is for Microscopic Lifeforms M is for Microscopic Lifeforms (or Midichlorians).
N is for Nelvana N is for Nelvana (Look sir, Droids!).
O is for Odeon O is for Odeon (and Obsolete).
P is for Pret-a-Porter P is for Pret-a-Porter (and Printable).
Q is for Quietus Q is for Quietus (and Quackle).
R is for Reaction Time R is for Reaction Time (and Rodian).
S is for Shoulder Pads S is for Shoulder Pads (and Shadows).
T is for Trauma T is for Trauma (and Trading Cards).
U is for Unique U is for Unique (and Unavailable in the Shops).
V is for Vastidity V is for Vastidity (and Videos).
W is for Wisdom W is for Wisdom (and Wrinkly).
X is for Xanthodontic X is for Xanthodontic (and Xenophobic).
Y is for Youngling Y is for Youngling (and the excitement of Youth).
Z is for Zealot Z is for Zealot (and NOT for Zoilist).

GLOSSARY: (ongoing)

ANH - A New Hope. Star Wars Episode IV.

AotC - Atack of the Clones. Star Wars Episode II.

EU - Expanded Universe. The stories in the books, comics and video games which have been worked into the accepted continuity of the Star Wars saga. Things which take place outside the movies.

GFFA - Galaxy Far, Far Away. The 'known' galaxy in which the stories from Star Wars take place.

OT - Original Trilogy. Star Wars episodes IV to VI, released from 1977 to 1983.

PT - Prequel Trilogy. Star Wars episodes I to III, released from 1999 to 2005.

RotJ - Return of the Jedi. Star Wars Episode VI.

RotS - Revenge of the Sith. Star Wars Episode III.

SotE - Shadows of the Empire. The 1996 multimedia project.

tCW - The Clone Wars. The animated movie or TV series.

tESB - The Empire Strikes Back. Star Wars Episode V.

tPM - The Phantom Menace. Star Wars Episode I.

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