Saturday 31 December 2011

280: I've seen things you wouldn't believe...

CAUTION: Yen's blog contains harsh language and even harsher notions of propriety. Reader discretion is advised.

And here we are. On the eve of 2012.

I had two resolutions for 2011. 1) Blog more, and 2) Watch more movies. Regular readers will notice that I managed both. I decided to rate and review every film I saw in 2011. The cinema-visits have been covered in this here blog, and the home (or otherwise) ones in my Facebook albums (Parts one and two). In 2010, I managed to post things to my blog 23 times. In 2011, I did 193. I'm not saying that quantity is better than quality, but I'm more comfortable expressing my thoughts as expletive-riddled words now, certainly.

Anyway, back on target: I've been to the cinema 83 times in 2011 (thanks to Cineworld's Unlimited thing) and all-in-all, I've seen over 200 films. And because I'm an anally-retentive bastard, I've kept records of them. Apart from the reviews in the blog, I mean. To save you ploughing through an unwieldy table, I've put the results into a handy infographic. It's just a broad overview of the year.


World of Blackout's Movies of 2011

What's that? You want to see some hard data? Oh, go on then...

02 Jan 2011Star Wars: The Clone Wars7/7Sci-FiAnimationHome
02 Jan 2011The Bank Job7/7ThrillerGangsterHome
03 Jan 2011The Godfather5/7GangsterDramaHome
07 Jan 2011From Paris With Love3/7ActionAdventureHome
08 Jan 2011Star Wars: The Phantom Menace7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
09 Jan 2011The Next Three Days5/7ThrillerActionCinema
10 Jan 2011Tron: Legacy (3D)4/7Sci-FiAdventureCinema
11 Jan 2011Solomon Kane5/7AdventureActionHome
16 Jan 2011Gulliver's Travels (3D)5/7ComedyAdventureCinema
16 Jan 2011The King's Speech6/7DramaCinema
23 Jan 2011The Green Hornet (3D)6/7ActionComedyCinema
25 Jan 2011127 Hours5/7ThrillerDramaCinema
26 Jan 2011Black Swan5/7DramaThrillerCinema
29 Jan 2011Dr. Who & The Daleks3/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
29 Jan 2011American Graffiti3/7DramaComedyHome
30 Jan 2011Hereafter2/7DramaSci-FiCinema
31 Jan 2011Star Wars: Attack of the Clones7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
10 Feb 2011The Mechanic6/7ActionAdventureCinema
14 Feb 2011True Grit4/7WesternDramaCinema
16 Feb 2011The Thirteenth Floor5/7Sci-FiThrillerHome
20 Feb 2011Paul7/7Sci-FiComedyCinema
26 Feb 2011Layer Cake6/7GangsterDramaHome
26 Feb 2011xXx5/7ActionAdventureHome
26 Feb 2011Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels7/7GangsterDramaHome
27 Feb 2011Snatch7/7GangsterDramaHome
03 Mar 2011Drive Angry (3D)6/7ActionAdventureCinema
04 Mar 2011The Adjustment Bureau5/7Sci-FiThrillerCinema
05 Mar 2011RockNRolla6/7GangsterDramaHome
06 Mar 2011I Am Number Four3/7Sci-FiAdventureCinema
09 Mar 2011Unknown5/7ActionThrillerCinema
12 Mar 2011The Godfather Part II4/7GangsterDramaHome
13 Mar 2011Battle: Los Angeles4/7Sci-FiActionCinema
14 Mar 2011Hall Pass3/7ComedyCinema
15 Mar 2011Machete7/7ActionThrillerHome
20 Mar 2011The Lincoln Lawyer5/7DramaThrillerCinema
20 Mar 2011The Last Lovecraft: Relic of Cthulhu6/7Sci-FiComedyHome
22 Mar 2011Clive Barker's: Book of Blood4/7HorrorThrillerHome
23 Mar 2011Limitless6/7ActionThrillerCinema
26 Mar 2011From Dusk Till Dawn7/7ActionHorrorHome
27 Mar 2011Reservoir Dogs5/7GangsterThrillerHome
27 Mar 2011Sin City4/7ThrillerActionHome
27 Mar 2011Pulp Fiction7/7ThrillerDramaHome
28 Mar 2011El Mariachi2/7AnimationActionHome
29 Mar 2011Jackie Brown5/7ThrillerGangsterHome
30 Mar 2011Desperado5/7ActionGangsterHome
01 Apr 2011Inglourious Basterds6/7ThrillerDramaHome
02 Apr 2011Death Proof7/7ThrillerActionHome
02 Apr 2011Once Upon A Time In Mexico3/7ActionGangsterHome
03 Apr 2011Kill Bill Vol16/7ActionThrillerHome
03 Apr 2011Kill Bill Vol26/7ActionThrillerHome
04 Apr 2011Planet Terror6/7HorrorActionHome
05 Apr 2011Source Code6/7Sci-FiThrillerCinema
06 Apr 2011Sucker Punch4/7ActionFantasyCinema
16 Apr 2011Star Wars: A New Hope7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
16 Apr 2011Zombieland6/7HorrorAdventureHome
18 Apr 2011Red Riding Hood3/7FantasyAdventureCinema
19 Apr 2011Your Highness4/7ComedyAdventureCinema
20 Apr 2011Scream 44/7HorrorThrillerCinema
24 Apr 2011Dogma5/7ComedyAdventureHome
30 Apr 2011Dr Terror's House of Horrors4/7HorrorDramaHome
02 May 2011Arthur6/7ComedyRomanceCinema
03 May 2011Fast & Furious 54/7ActionThrillerCinema
08 May 2011Thor (3D)6/7AdventureSci-FiCinema
11 May 2011Water for Elephants4/7RomanceDramaCinema
15 May 2011Attack the Block5/7AdventureComedyCinema
17 May 2011Insidious4/7HorrorThrillerCinema
18 May 2011Pirates of the Caribbean 45/7AdventureActionCinema
20 May 2011The Black Hole3/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
27 May 2011The Hangover Part II5/7ComedyAdventureCinema
25 May 2011Thor (3D)6/7AdventureSci-FiCinema
28 May 2011X-Men5/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
30 May 2011X-Men 25/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
30 May 2011X-Men: The Last Stand4/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
30 May 2011X-Men Origins: Wolverine6/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
01 Jun 2011X-Men: First Class6/7Sci-FiAdventureCinema
04 Jun 2011Indiana Jones / Crystal Skull5/7AdventureActionHome
08 Jun 2011X-Men: First Class6/7Sci-FiAdventureCinema
13 Jun 2011Paul7/7Sci-FiComedyHome
19 Jun 2011Bad Teacher2/7ComedyRomanceCinema
20 Jun 2011Green Lantern (3D)4/7AdventureSci-FiCinema
24 Jun 2011Bridesmaids5/7ComedyRomanceCinema
25 Jun 2011Kung Fu Panda5/7AnimationComedyHome
28 Jun 2011Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D)6/7Sci-FiActionCinema
30 Jun 2011Resident Evil5/7HorrorSci-FiHome
30 Jun 2011Resident Evil: Apocalypse3/7HorrorSci-FiHome
01 Jul 2011Resident Evil: Extinction6/7HorrorSci-FiHome
01 Jul 2011Resident Evil: Afterlife5/7HorrorSci-FiHome
02 Jul 2011Resident Evil: Degeneration4/7HorrorAnimationHome
03 Jul 2011Kung Fu Panda 2 (3D)5/7AnimationComedyCinema
18 Jul 20113006/7ActionDramaHome
19 Jul 2011Transformers: Dark of the Moon (3D)6/7Sci-FiActionCinema
20 Jul 2011Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (3D)6/7AdventureFantasyCinema
22 Jul 2011Horrible Bosses5/7ComedyCinema
23 Jul 2011Fantastic Four5/7AdventureSci-FiHome
23 Jul 2011Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer5/7AdventureSci-FiHome
23 Jul 2011The Bone Collector5/7ThrillerDramaHome
29 Jul 2011Captain America (3D)6/7AdventureActionCinema
30 Jul 2011Zombie Driftwood1/7HorrorComedyHome
30 Jul 2011Big Nothing4/7ComedyThrillerHome
02 Aug 2011Adéle Blanc Sec6/7AdventureComedyHome
06 Aug 2011Captain America6/7AdventureActionCinema
08 Aug 2011Super 85/7AdventureSci-FiCinema
10 Aug 2011Captain America (3D)6/7AdventureActionCinema
12 Aug 2011Rise of the Planet of the Apes5/7AdventureThrillerCinema
15 Aug 2011Captain America6/7AdventureActionCinema
16 Aug 2011Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
17 Aug 2011Cowboys & Aliens6/7Sci-FiAdventureCinema
18 Aug 2011The Inbetweeners Movie4/7ComedyCinema
21 Aug 2011Taxi Driver2/7ThrillerDramaHome
23 Aug 2011Conan The Barbarian2/7AdventureFantasyCinema
25 Aug 2011Rocketeer5/7AdventureActionHome
26 Aug 2011Final Destination 5 (3D)5/7HorrorThrillerCinema
26 Aug 2011Alien5/7HorrorSci-FiHome
27 Aug 2011Aliens6/7HorrorSci-FiHome
27 Aug 2011Predator5/7ActionSci-FiHome
29 Aug 2011Predator 26/7ActionSci-FiHome
29 Aug 2011Alien 35/7HorrorSci-FiHome
31 Aug 2011Alien: Resurrection3/7Sci-FiActionHome
02 Sep 2011Batman: Dead End6/7ActionSci-FiHome
02 Sep 2011Alien vs. Predator5/7ActionSci-FiHome
03 Sep 2011AVP: Requiem2/7ActionSci-FiHome
04 Sep 2011Predators5/7ActionSci-FiHome
05 Sep 2011Smokin' Aces5/7ActionThrillerHome
06 Sep 2011Fright Night (3D)5/7HorrorActionCinema
07 Sep 2011Apollo 183/7HorrorSci-FiCinema
10 Sep 2011Jane Eyre2/7DramaRomanceCinema
10 Sep 2011An Evening with Kevin Smith4/7ComedyHome
11 Sep 2011Cop Out4/7ComedyActionHome
11 Sep 2011An Evening with Kevin Smith 24/7ComedyHome
11 Sep 2011Friends With Benefits4/7ComedyRomanceCinema
11 Sep 2011Red State4/7HorrorThrillerHome
12 Sep 2011Zack and Miri Make a Porno6/7ComedyRomanceHome
13 Sep 2011Jersey Girl3/7RomanceComedyHome
14 Sep 2011Clerks6/7ComedyHome
15 Sep 2011Sold Out: A Threevening with Kevin Smith5/7ComedyHome
17 Sep 2011Mallrats7/7ComedyHome
18 Sep 2011Kevin Smith: Too Fat for 40!5/7ComedyHome
19 Sep 2011Chasing Amy3/7ComedyRomanceHome
19 Sep 2011The Change-Up6/7ComedyRomanceCinema
19 Sep 2011Clerks Animated Series5/7ComedyAnimationHome
21 Sep 2011Dogma5/7ComedyAdventureHome
22 Sep 2011Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back6/7ComedyAdventureHome
23 Sep 2011Clerks II5/7ComedyHome
23 Sep 2011Jurassic Park7/7AdventureFantasyCinema
24 Sep 2011Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy2/7ThrillerDramaCinema
24 Sep 2011Blade Runner (Final Cut)6/7Sci-FiThrillerHome
25 Sep 2011Jurassic Park: The Lost World4/7AdventureFantasyHome
25 Sep 2011Jurassic Park III5/7AdventureFantasyHome
25 Sep 2011Jurassic Park7/7AdventureFantasyHome
05 Oct 2011Abduction4/7ActionThrillerCinema
09 Oct 2011Star Wars: Clone Wars (MicroSeries)7/7Sci-FiAnimationHome
10 Oct 2011What's Your Number?2/7RomanceComedyCinema
12 Oct 2011The Three Musketeers3/7AdventureFantasyCinema
13 Oct 2011The Lion King (3D)6/7AnimationAdventureCinema
14 Oct 2011Real Steel5/7AdventureThrillerCinema
14 Oct 2011Dawn of the Dead (2004)6/7HorrorHome
16 Oct 2011Night of the Living Dead6/7HorrorHome
17 Oct 2011Johnny English Reborn3/7ComedyActionCinema
21 Oct 2011Contagion4/7ThrillerDramaCinema
24 Oct 2011Outpost5/7HorrorThrillerHome
26 Oct 2011The Adventures of Tintin7/7AdventureActionCinema
27 Oct 2011The Sorcerer's Apprentice4/7FantasyActionHome
29 Oct 2011Fat Slags1/7ComedyHome
30 Oct 2011Murder On The Orient Express4/7CrimeThrillerHome
30 Oct 2011RoboCop6/7ActionThrillerHome
31 Oct 2011Ghostbusters7/7AdventureComedyHome
31 Oct 2011The Rocky Horror Picture Show6/7MusicalComedyCinema
01 Nov 2011In Time5/7ActionThrillerCinema
02 Nov 2011Tower Heist5/7ActionComedyCinema
04 Nov 2011Star Wars: Return of the Jedi7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
13 Nov 2011Never Let Me Go6/7DramaSci-FiHome
13 Nov 2011The Help5/7DramaCinema
14 Nov 2011Immortals (3D)3/7FantasyAdventureCinema
15 Nov 2011Ghostbusters7/7AdventureComedyCinema
16 Nov 2011The Ides of March5/7ThrillerDramaCinema
21 Nov 2011Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 14/7FantasyAdventureCinema
30 Nov 2011My Week With Marilyn7/7DramaRomanceCinema
01 Dec 2011The Punisher2/7AdventureActionHome
02 Dec 2011Star Wars: A New Hope7/7Sci-FiAdventureHome
03 Dec 2011Ferris Bueller's Day Off7/7ComedyHome
03 Dec 2011Mallrats7/7ComedyHome
04 Dec 2011Point Break4/7ActionThrillerHome
06 Dec 2011Super4/7ComedyActionHome
06 Dec 2011Burke & Hare3/7ComedyAdventureHome
07 Dec 2011The Evil Dead6/7HorrorHome
08 Dec 2011Evil Dead II7/7HorrorHome
09 Dec 2011Army of Darkness5/7FantasyComedyHome
10 Dec 2011Fanboys7/7ComedyAdventureHome
11 Dec 2011Mission: Impossible6/7ActionThrillerHome
12 Dec 2011Mission: Impossible 25/7ActionThrillerHome
15 Dec 2011The Thing (2011)5/7HorrorSci-FiCinema
16 Dec 2011Mission: Impossible 35/7ActionThrillerHome
17 Dec 2011Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels7/7GangsterDramaHome
17 Dec 2011Die Hard6/7ActionThrillerHome
18 Dec 2011Gremlins6/7AdventureHorrorHome
19 Dec 2011Rare Exports7/7HorrorThrillerHome
20 Dec 2011Harold & Kumar Christmas (3D)3/7ComedyCinema
22 Dec 2011Puss in Boots (3D)6/7AnimationAdventureCinema
23 Dec 2011Trading Places5/7ComedyHome
23 Dec 2011Sherlock Holmes 26/7AdventureAdventureCinema
24 Dec 2011National Lampoons Christmas Vacation3/7ComedyHome
24 Dec 2011The Nightmare Before Christmas6/7AnimationFantasyHome
24 Dec 2011Scrooge5/7FantasyDramaHome
25 Dec 2011Survival of the Dead2/7HorrorHome
28 Dec 2011Mission Impossible 46/7ActionThrillerCinema
29 Dec 2011The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo6/7ThrillerDramaCinema

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