Monday 30 April 2012

Review: Marvel's Avengers Assemble (Second-Pass / SPOILERS)

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Marvel Avengers Assemble (2D): Second-Pass review (Spoilers)
143 mins / Dir. Joss Whedon

Having watched Avengers again (in two dimensions, this time around), I'm pleased to report that I still love it. Obviously a lot of the wit loses its spontaneity when you're expecting it, but that lets you sit back and examine the rest of the film without being sensorily bombarded. For better or worse…

It stands out a lot more the next time you view Avengers that only one named character dies in this film. The scenes with that character have a definite air of melancholy if you know it's coming, and it only strengthens my feelings from my previous review in that there's some actual character development going on. Too bad it develops so steeply.

There are plenty of background casualties, of course, and they're not even red-shirts; they're just extras playing cannon-fodder. It leaves me with a nagging feeling that there was a reluctance to commit with the screenplay. It's been noted elsewhere that the ending can be described, at worst, as inconsequential since the whole thing could be conceivably played out again in Avengers 2. I understand why the big guns survive, and I'm not in favour of killing off established side characters as a sport, but there's a feeling that the story has been greenlit by Marketing before the final draft was typed up.

In other musings, I'd read on the Wiki page for the Chitauri that they're known as Skrulls in the Marvel universe courtesy of the Fantastic Four, but due to Fox having the rights to that series, they can't be named as such. If occurred to me like a big obvious slap in the face, that this also is likely the reason there's no mention of Spider-Man or the X-Men either. I could be wrong, it's just a thought. And one I'd like to see fixed in the future. Come on, Marvel, sort it out.

Other than that, very little to report. As was the case with last year's Thor, I didn't pick up much in the way of easter-eggs the second time round, although they're probably way out of my range anyway. It was still ridiculously entertaining, mind; a second-pass didn't change that.

Best moment: "...Puny god."


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  1. "Puny God" Hahaha! That and the punch to the side of Thor's head... Had me in stitches!!!