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And here we are, six months into 2012, and six months into my insane self-imposed vow to go to the cinema 100 times this year. I managed 83 in 2011, and I wasn't impressed with the roundness of the number. Like last year, I've decided to rate and review each film I see at the cinema, including repeat-viewings.

Here's a roundup of the year so far. Clicking on an image will open the review in a new window.

Goon (3/7)The Iron Lady (5/7)The Darkest Hour (2/7)War Horse (5/7)Haywire (5/7)The Grey (5/7)Chronicle (6/7)Man on a Ledge (4/7)The Phantom Menace 3D (7/7)The Phantom Menace 3D (7/7)The Muppets (5/7)The Phantom Menace 3D (7/7)Ghost Rider Spirit of Vengeance (2/7)The Phantom Menace 3D (7/7)The Woman in Black (5/7)The Artist (6/7)The Phantom Menace 3D (7/7)Safe House (4/7)Wanderlust (3/7)This Means War (5/7)John Carter (6/7)21 Jump Street (6/7)Contraband (4/7)John Carter (6/7)The Hunger Games (3/7)The Pirates! (6/7)Wrath of the Titans (4/7)The Cold Light of Day (3/7)Battleship (2/7)The Cabin in the Woods (6/7)Salmon Fishing in the Yemen (5/7)Lockout (5/7)Avengers Assemble (7/7)Avengers Assemble (7/7)Avengers Assemble (7/7)American Pie Reunion (4/7)Dark Shadows (5/7)The Dictator (3/7)The Raid (6/7)The Raid (6/7)Men In Black 3 (5/7)Prometheus (6/7)Premetheus (6/7)Snow White and the Huntsman (3/7) (6/7)Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (6/7)The Five Year Engagement (2/7)National Theatre Live: Frankenstein (6/7)Rock of Ages (4/7)

So, that's good is it?
It's bang on target, yes. Half way through the year half way to accomplishing my goal.

So, how are you doing, statistically?
• Of the 50 films I've seen, 16 have been in 3D.
• The average score for films overall has been 5.1 out of 7
• The average score for 3D films has been 5.7 out of 7
• The BBFC rating breakdown has been: Cert U (8 movies), Cert PG (2 movies), Cert 12A (21 movies), Cert 15 (17 movies), Cert 18 (2 movies).
• The month I visited the cinema most was February, with 12 screenings.

All of the above stats have been heavily influenced by repeat viewings of two 3D films I've loved: The Phantom Menace and Avengers Assemble.
• No, you don't get a graph. I'm saving that for the post at the end of December.

Will you make the 100-film target?
That's debatable. So far this year, there have been films I haven't watched because they didn't appeal, but there have been a lot of titles that my local hasn't shown at all. The thing that's really kept my numbers up is the repeat viewings of films like Star Wars and Avengers. Since we're not likely to get more like that in the latter half of the year (and since Cineworld show no sign of adopting a staggered screening policy to accommodate more films), I think it'll be more luck than judgement if I make the century.

You're not normal. You know that don't you?
Yes, thank you.

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