Monday, 14 December 2015

#StarWars: Imperial Red

Well, hello there; I made a thing. It's based around two of my favourite things in the world ~ Star Wars and beer...

Wychwood / Star Wars: Imperial Red

…I didn't make the beer, I hasten to add. I left that to the experts. I just made the front-bit.

Back in the Summer months, I came across Wychwood Brewery's fantastic Imperial Red ale (that's the one in the background, there), my first thought being "…why isn't this a SW crossover product?" (the most obvious answer being that it's an alcoholic drink, and while Disney may be more than happy to take money to have the Star Wars logo stuck on most things, even they've got a line they won't cross).

So, using the Emperor's Royal Guard figure from Dave Dorman's iconic cover of Crimson Empire #1 as a starting point, I rebuilt the logo from scratch in Corel Draw, switching out the serif type for Shadow of Xizor, Bank Gothic and of course Aurabesh. Oh, and I should also point out that I redrew the central figure completely (see below), rather than just lassoing around it in Photoshop then banging a filter over the top ;) All that remains is to tuck an Imperial cog in there, and bang...

Wychwood / Star Wars: Imperial Red Label

And here's that layer-by-layer buildup…

…and of course, it wouldn't be a Wychwood beer without a promo-shirt to collect the bottle-tops for, right?

Wychwood / Star Wars: Imperial Red Shirt

So. Watch, read & play Star Wars.
And if you're partaking in a tipple while you do it, why not make it a bottle of Witney's finest?

Oh, and Wychwood, give me a shout, I'll e-mail you the final vectored artwork over ;)

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