Monday 27 June 2016


Similar to the situation that occurred earlier this year, I found myself in the third week of a month without having been to the cinema. This simply won't do, I told myself, and set about fixing that state of affairs, pronto. It involved watching nine movies over eight days; the full gamut of what was available, taking in brand new films, some which had been out a week or two and one which was twenty years old. A veritable #FilmRush, indeed.

The genres were mixed, as were the results (and as they always should be).
These things were in my eyes last week; click or tap for all the words…

The Conjuring 2 The Secret Life of Pets Alice Through the Looking Glass The Boss Gods of Egypt Independence Day (that's the old one) Independence Day: Resurgence (that's the new one) Independence Day: Resurgence (that's the new one) Elvis & Nixon Tale of Tales

…so, that film about those poncey North London ghosts ticked the boxes but didn't bring anything new to the genre, even if the one about your dogs and cats coasted effortlessly on charm. A somewhat late-addition of a sequel proved to be arguably far more interesting than its predecessor, whereas the latest comedy-vehicle for a professional sass-merchant proved to be exactly the same as its spiritual forebears. Then we hit a really rough patch with an ancient Egyptian romp that makes John Carter look like Citizen Kane, and a tried-and-tested, mawkish corn-fest from yesteryear that kinda holds up, but certainly hasn't improved with age. Another unusually (and especially) delayed sequel left the same overall effect as its original yet to be less entertaining, so all that remained was a jaunt into the capital to see The King meeting The President and a trio of bedtime tales to scare you awake all night.

I'd have extended the run for longer if I could have, but the combination of weekend programming and IRL duties meant that wasn't to be. No matter. June's not quite over yet of course, so there's still a couple more movies on the horizon before we turn the calendar over.

If anyone needs me in the meanwhile, I'll be at home...


[ All of this was made possible with Cineworld's Unlimited Card. I haven't been paid, sponsored, bribed or even asked to say this, and I neither ask nor expect anything in return. I'm just pimping them because I'm a satisfied customer. Wow, disclaimers really take the wind out of a self-indulgent post's sails, don't they? ]

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