Saturday 31 December 2016

Film: 2016 in Review

…is it December already? Best do some manner of summary-post, I suppose. It's been an odd year, both inside and outside of the cinema. Movies I'd been looking forward to left me a little meh (X-Men), while some that I thought I was going hate every second of turned out to be pretty fantastic (Eddie The Eagle). Speaking of which, True Story™ cinema kept bobbing to the surface, as if the real-world wasn't worrisome enough, some of which worked far, far better than others. Personally, I'm in favour of a moratorium on fact-based filmmaking until the world learns how to behave itself...

In more stat-based news, I managed to up my viewing-total this year, even though that wasn't intended and I didn't think I'd do it anyway. 2016 saw me going to the flicks 158*1 times (up an entire 1 on last year). That figure includes repeat showings of course (Star Wars, Marvel movies and what have you), but the overall number of different movies this year was 141, down on last year's 142.

But it's not all about the totals, it's the quality which counts, right? And there have been some absolute stinkers this year. Seriously. While I only scored one movie with the bottom-marks of 1/7, there were far more 2s and 3s than I'd have liked. But movies like High Rise, Hail, Caesar! and Tale of Tales at least kept things profoundly interesting at the other (better) end of the scale, too.

Here's the breakdown:

World of Blackout: 2016 in Review

There have been many, many others of course, notable for a variety of reasons. A list of reviews for the year can be found right here. All that remains is for me to thank Cineworld, as always, for their card that made the vast majority of this possible. In 2017 I'll have had my Unlimited card for ten years, so I eagerly anticipate being showered in gifts and praise by my favourite cinema-group ;)

And what for 2017? Well, a bit moreStar Wars, a lot more Marvel and we'll see what else comes along in the meanwhile.

It's been an odd year…

*1 Hmm? You want a breakdown of that, too? Go on, then…

Honestly, you lot...

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