Wednesday, 1 July 2009

22: A Tale of Two Joes...

CAUTION: Yen's blog contains harsh lanugage and even harsher notions of propriety. Reader discretion is advised.

Does anyone else think that Josef Fritzl and Joseph Jackson look a bit the same?

I mean, not identical, obviously, but y'know; the sweeping hairline... the puffy-yet-drawn features, the low-slung 'tache... the propensity for making the lives of their children a fucking misery?

I'm not for one moment suggesting that the patriarch of the Jackson musical empire had another, secret mini-Jackson, which he kept in a cellar and sexually abused on a regular basis, raising some of the offspring and butchering the rest...

I'm also not implying that Fritzl Snr formed a full musical act from his inbred, bastard children, and got them to put on shows every night in the cellar to entertain the little ones that had too many fingers to master an instrument...

And for the record, I'm absolutely in no way insinuating that in Fritzl's down-time, spent away from his secret, subterranean family, he maybe used to travel to the US, black himself up, and manage one of the most successful Motown acts of the 1970's. Because that would be wrong.
Well, maybe not as bad as being a tyrannical 'manager', refusing to be called father by your own children, and beating them before they go on-stage. And definitely not as bad as imprisoning, abusing and killing those children. But blacking-up would still be in very poor taste, and I'm sure that neither of the Joes in question would have anything to do with it.

~ ~ ~

Bizarrely, I think the idea of The Fritzl-5 sounds like a great idea. They'd probably be like a crossover of The Sound of Music and the video for Thriller

Whereas on the other hand, the idea of the Jackson children being lorded over by an oppressive father, moulding them into a form he wants, and treating them as objects rather than children just sounds a bit- oh, hang on...

~ ~ ~

All I'm saying is, I think the look a bit the same, and I'd be very wary of letting either of them into my house.
Although to be fair, I don't have four brothers, and I don't have a cellar; so I should be safe..?

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