Sunday, 26 July 2009

25: A World Without Beer: Weeks 5-6

CAUTION: Yen's blog contains harsh language and even harsher notions of propriety. Reader discretion is advised.

Pfff, six weeks. About half way I reckon, maybe just under? Being sober for this long has been the most boring part of my life to date. Not that I haven't enjoyed it, like, but I can't say that it's added anything to my life that wasn't already there.

It was my better-half's birthday last week. She went out with some friends for a few jars after work, and while I was allowed to drink, I just didn't fancy a night out. So, we ended up destroying several bottles of wine on Saturday night. I felt it kick in almost immediately.

I didn't get smashed, but I felt myself getting louder and sillier. As predicted, I also felt a... relaxation I'd been missing. But that said, it was still just a few glasses of wine with the in-laws, round at our place. No biggie, just a welcome break in the proceedings. I also slept late as usual on Sunday, so no trace of a hangover when I finally got up.

As I write this it's over a week later and I'm back to "not actually missing it that much". I'd still fucking love a bottle of Brown, but it's not on my mind all the time.

+++ +++

In other news, I've set up my Twitter account, and set up a new MySpace for me (as opposed to the band). Both of which social-networking ventures strike even me as unusual as I'm the most anti-social person I know. And no, I'm not self-centered enough to think that people care what kind of sandwich I'm having for lunch, it's more for me stalking celebrities etc, and for the promotion of...

Oh Yes! The boys from Denton are back! Bowling For Soup's new single, My Wena, precedes their album Sorry for Partyin', due out late September. I snagged a couple of VIP tickets for their show in Margate in October, which will be the seventh time I've seen 'em live.

If you haven't heard any Soup past Girl All The Bad Guys Want, I heartily recommend you pick up any album that's in the store. I find them all equally accessible, and while it's true that they've "got their own sound", I enjoy all of their stuff without it feeling repetitive (...last Oasis album anyone?).

BFS Official Site
YouTube page
Amazon & Play.

Between the current flurry of BFS activity, and all of the Clone Wars news coming out of San Diego Comic-Con, the internet's keeping me fairly busy at the moment.

Too busy to miss beer? Who knows...

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