Monday, 31 August 2009

33: Dress to Distress

CAUTION: Yen's blog contains harsh lanugage and even harsher notions of propriety. Reader discretion is advised.

You know in Return of the Jedi? When the Rebels are on Endor, and like the terrorists they are, they steal some bikes and proceed to kill the guards? Well, when Leia meets Wicket, she's dressed like this:

...not exactly skimpy, is it? In fact, it's rather practical. So she heads off to the Ewok village with Wicket, unable to speak a word of the local language, and her co-conspiritors turn up a few hours later. When she comes out to see what all the shouting is about, she's wearing this:

Why? She was already wearing clothes, it's not like the Ewoks have made her put something more 'appropriate' on, and it's certainly less practical for fighting off an invading extra-terrestrial army. It's not even like the Ewoks wear clothes! Apart from a couple of head-dresses and some practical slings/bandoliers, they're all walking around in the nip! So rather than try to communicate with the little critters about their impending doom, she's got a few of them to cobble a dress together for her. Charming.

Maybe if Leia had been in the village for a few days, or her clothes had been irreparably damaged?

But no. She goes back to wearing her military gear later on. Costume change for the sake if it, apparently. There wasn't even a figure produced of the Ewok dress back in the old days, so it's not even like GL was wanting to push more toys (although there are several versions of that outfit now, obviously).

So what gives?

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  1. you are a Genius, this is the first time I have ever noticed this!!! I always thought it was her undercrackers but then as lucas explained himself in Episode IV there is no underwear in space, so they must have made it for her, furry suited midget labour! and that was years before Primark