Wednesday, 27 April 2011

135: Goodbye from the city of hills and winos

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The view from my seat in Princes Street Gardens.

Another beautiful day in the hilly city of Edinburgh, and we've got a couple of hours to kill before our train. That in mind, I'm sitting in the park on Princes Street, self-indulgently reflecting on my time here, whilst I listen to a very average bagpipe player up by Waverley Station. He's better than some we've heard, but he's still very average.

It's occurred to me this morning that while I've certainly enjoyed Edinburgh, I don't feel like I've really connected with it at all. It's not the first time I've been here, but as there's been a 21 year gap, it may as well be for all that I remember about it. I've got distant family in this part of the world (not in Edinburgh itself, otherwise I'd have met up with them), and it's where my Dad was born, but I definitely feel like a visitor. I suppose unless you're spending time with family, when you're visiting the city and being in the same places as the tourists, you are a tourist. I don't feel any shame in that, I just thought something might click into place while I was here.

In other news, I remembered to count the number of pubs and bars on Leith Walk, this morning. Twenty three, most of which were open and populated. And with the sole exception of the Theatre Royal bar, there isn't one (not. one.) that I'd consider safe. The 'posh' pubs are the ones that don't have bars (iron or concrete) across the windows. Seriously.
I know I keep mentioning it, and I know it sounds snobby, but there's something very scary about a mile-long street of people getting pissed before 10:30am. For once, I'm not even jealous.

Oh, also worth mentioning: They've got free wi-fi in Princes Street Gardens, Edinburgh. Free, mind. East Coast Rail can definitely fuck off. Got to use their train again shortly. Hmmmf.

Goodbye Scotland. It's been emotional.

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