Sunday 31 July 2011

193: Creativity Drive - Day Zero

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I'm off work this week. I'm not going anywhere, but I've promised myself that I'll get rid of some brainworms by shoving them onto you lot. They're not anything major, just small graphical projects that have been circling around in my head, and I haven't had time to commit to making them. Until now.

So, I'll start a day earlier than planned with this...

Johann Schmidts tie-in marketing campaign.
Click for a bigger version (1467*2075px, 729kb). Opens in a new window.

You'd think of all the tie-in marketing possibilities for the Captain America movie, this would have been top of the list, wouldn't you?

Thanks are due to this week's B3TA Image Challenge for inspiring me to get it made.
More stuff tomorrow.

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