Monday, 5 March 2012

Which lightsaber colour is right for you?

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Two of my favourite things.
Star Wars and statistical analysis.

Which lightsaber color is right for you?

Round 2: Kenobi won the fight, but with Jinn's green lightsaber. For this round, green won and lost.
Round 5: Skywalker won with the red and blue blades, but since he went into the fight with blue, and walked out still with it (and since Dooku lost with the red), I've declared blue the winner.
Round 6: Kenobi won the fight with a blaster, but in the saber-duel, managed to disarm Grievous completely. Look, blue won, okay?
Round 8: I haven't put Red down for losing or drawing here, as Sidious staged his saber-loss to goad Skywalker into action.

Supporting Data:
1TatooineGreen-vs-Red-G / R-
2NabooBlue / Green-vs-RedG-R / G
3GeonosisBlue / Green-vs-RedR-B / G
4GeonosisGreen-vs-Red-G / R-
5CoruscantBlue / Blue-vs-RedB-R
6UtapauBlue-vs-Blue/GreenB-B / G
7CoruscantBlue / Green-vs-RedR-B / G
8CoruscantPurple-vs-Red / BlueB-P
10CoruscantGreen-vs-Red-G / R-
11Death Star 1Blue-vs-RedR-B
13Death Star 2Green-vs-RedG-R

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