Thursday, 30 August 2012

Review: Total Recall (The Short Review)

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Total Recall (2012) poster

Total Recall (2012) (Spoilers)
121 mins / Dir. Len Wiseman

Note: The long review is here.

My first-draft review of Total Recall sprawled out to be a right old beast. It's at the link above if you really want that much detail.

The short version? This is a good film. Not 'great', but so much better than it could have been. Enough new things have been put in that it'll keep you on your toes for the first hour or so. After that, it pretty much dissolves into action/chase film. Not a bad action/chase film, but so much more by-the-numbers than what's gone before.

All in all: If you can trick your brain into forgetting the Arnie version, you'll enjoy this immensely. Stop looking for connections, the film deliberately throws you off that track.

In and of itself, it's pretty damned good.


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