Friday, 17 August 2012

ZomBeadle's About...

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From a conversation on Twitter earlier...

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And the trail that led to it...

Watch out, Beadle's about, doo doo doo doo, Watch out, Beadle's about, Oh you'd better watch out 'cause Beadle's about, BEADLE'S ABOUT.

@LauraSparling - That's a lot more creepy a) Now he's dead, b) Having you singing it, c) a & b.

@MightyBlackout ZOMBEADLE

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout HAHAHA! Oh how I love thee, Laura!

@Donna_Gallers @MightyBlackout Ha! God, though, imagine a zombie Beadle coming after you. *shudders*

@LauraSparling - Oh, *yes*! Springing out of a bin dressed as a traffic warden and biting someone's face. What a card! #ZomBeadle

@MightyBlackout I want this to happen.

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout Jesus, that's enough to give me nightmares!

@LauraSparling @Donna_Gallers He uses his withered hand to create the optical illusion that he's further away. More withered now, obviously.

@MightyBlackout @Donna_Gallers *snortles*

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout good enough reason to bring him back.

@MightyBlackout @Donna_Gallers This is rad. I want this as a TV movie. I'm thinking Channel 4.

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout Charlie Brooker/ Zombie Big Bro style.

@Donna_Gallers @MightyBlackout Yes. Exactly like Dead Set.

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout that's it, couldn't think of the name!

@MightyBlackout @Donna_Gallers *closes eyes and nods* Boom. This is gonna be massive. (Unlike Zombeadle's death paw.)

@LauraSparling @Donna_Gallers - With the tagline "...the final joke is on humanity" #ZomBeadle

@Donna_Gallers @LauraSparling - When there's no more room in Hell, Beadle will walk the earth... #YoudBetterWatchOutBeadlesUndead

@LauraSparling @MightyBlackout Question, if he happens to, you know, accidentally bite someone, does that create another #Zombeadle?

@Donna_Gallers @LauraSparling - Yes. A worldwide army of reanimated pranksters all wearing false beards over their decomposing beards...

@MightyBlackout @LauraSparling Sweet Jesus.

@Donna_Gallers @LauraSparling Yep, he's already got a beard, so the incubation period would be shorter for him. One hand shrinks & he wakes.

@MightyBlackout @Donna_Gallers Write this down. Write. It. Down

…and thus it begins. A TV series in October 2012, with tie-in novels and comics, and a full-length film planned for third-quarter 2013.
Who says social-networking's a waste of time, eh?

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