Monday, 14 January 2013

Rebel Force Radio: Your Source for the Force

Now, as you know, I love Star Wars. And I listen to a lot of podcasts. But for all that, there's only one SW podcast I download: The ForceCast. I've been a listener since 2006, and it's been the only one I've needed, with all corners of fandom catered for. That's about to change though, as this announcement from TFN heralded the arrival of...

Rebel Force Radio: Your Source For The Force

Jason Swank and Jimmy McInerney, who've been ably piloting The ForceCast as a duo since 2008, are stepping out on their own with Rebel Force Radio; a new show which will doubtless provide all the Star Wars news, interviews and commentary we love, with the warmth, humour and respect we've become accustomed to.

If you're into Star Wars, old or new, I can give these chaps no higher recommendation. Rebel Force Radio begins broadcasting on Friday 19th January 2013.

You can follow Rebel Force Radio's Twitter stream, like their Facebook page, and keep an eye on their website for further developments.

Commander Blackout reporting for duty, sirs.

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