Sunday, 31 March 2013

...March Movie Madness™!


12 Days. 12 Movies. Full Circle.

It was four years ago this month that I first held a self-enforced film marathon in Twelve Days - Twelve movies. The objective was to watch a different film every day for, yeah, 12 days. It seemed quite audacious at the time, even though looking back it required next to no effort to complete (well, other than having to sit through a Richard Curtis car crash). It was really an exercise to get me watching more films and attempt to decrease the pile of DVDs sitting next to the TV, as well as taking in new flicks at my local cinema.

Now, as much as I moan about the place, I do love my cinema, if only because it's ten minutes walk away and I can go as much as I want. One of the downsides (the ones that they can't do anything about), is that we've only got five screens. Yeah, hark at future-boy here, moaning that his jet-pack isn't quite fast enough, I know. But with big releases staggered over two screens to ensure timely showings, it means we don't always get the variety or quantity of films that a geek like me wants. Y'see, I'm not all about the popcorn-fodder*1, and I enjoy watching the two hours of entertainment that hundreds of people have worked for 2-3 years to make. Quantity is rarely better than quality, of course, but at least with a higher number of films, you get a higher hit-rate of good movies.

So. Twice in the past, I've been able to juggle starts and ends of cinematic runs and visit the pictures every day for a week (although that was before I started rating and reviewing everything I see there). Depending on the movies you watch, it can really start to seem like hard work, but that's the risk of going to the cinema these days anyway. And at least you've got the possibility of catching a real gem 24 hours later...

What I'm meandering my way around to is, I've broken my Seven Days record. And I've matched my Twelve Days record. Only this time, it doesn't include any DVDs*2. So, if anything, I've broken my Twelve Days record, too. It was way more by luck than judgement, and it meant visiting *gasp* another cinema, but it's done. Bang.

Twelve Days. Twelve Movies. Twelve Tickets*3.
The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Side Effects Welcome To The Punch Identity Thief
The Croods (3D) Wreck-It Ralph Trance Oz: The Great and Powerful
G.I. Joe: Retaliation (3D) Jack The Giant Slayer (3D) The Host Dans La Maison

Click on each image to go to the review (opens in this window)

Favourite new movie? Probably G.I. Joe, if I'm being honest. Favourite new film? Trance. Wreck-It Ralph gets the highest score, but I'd already seen that one before. And what have I learned? Nothing I didn't already know. I'm a sucker for big loud movies in my local multiplex. Variety is a good thing, but not necessarily for its own sake.

I doubt I'll be able to match the Twelve Days record again in the future, but then I'm not entirely sure I want to. These were all films I wanted to see anyway, and just happened to be running concurrently. In other news, I haven't set a target of 100 films this year, but at this rate that may also happen. Let's wait and see.

I need a lie down, now.
In a dark room.
A dark room with a massive screen and full surround sound.
Turn your mobile off, I'm trying to rest...

*1 Although I also unashamedly profess a love for all things mainstream.
*2 I'll be honest, going to the cinema every day hasn't left me any time to watch movies at home. I've got a life to live as well, you know. Not that you'd think so from this.
*2 And twelve slightly overpriced cups of coffee.

• ^^^ That's dry, British humour, and most likely sarcasm or facetiousness.
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