Monday, 12 May 2014

The Bournemouth Ultimatum (12 Exp.)

Oh, hi there.
Mrs Blackout and I have been to Bournemouth for the weekend. I took some photos. They're exactly the sort of photos you'd expect a hipster like me to take. They are here.

Click for big.

Boardwalk: Bournemouth Pier, on a Sunday morning. Runway (ii): Top-view of a coastal defence structure at Swanage Bay. Runway (i): Under-view of a coastal defence structure at Swanage Bay.
Cove: A descending-walkway from the Purbeck Hills to Swanage Bay. IX: Coastal defence structure (a 'groyne', no less), number nine, at Swanage Bay. Fang: An outcropping just south of Old Harry Rocks, Studland.
Illuminator: A multi-coloured light-fitting built into the decking of Bournemouth Pier. Decks: A close-up of the walkway in 'Cove'. Recline: A deck-chair, ready for bottom of a relaxing holiday-maker on Bournemouth Pier.
Vent: A glass block making part of the window unit in a public lavatory in Studland village (no, really). Sanded: An exposed, supporting strut of a coastal defence structure, West Cliff beach, Bournemouth. Refreshment: Round two begins for the weary hikers at the Ship Inn, Swanage.

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