Monday, 24 November 2014

36% - The Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: The Unofficial Over-Analysis Toolkit...

We hit the ground running with the two sheets of six stickers from each of the albums*1, the six packs of stickers included in the 'starter pack', and a further nine loose packs bought separately.

Because my spreadsheet is set up to record the sticker numbers in batches of five, and the single-sheets include six stickers (a glaring oversight on my part), these twelve stickers take up the space of three packs in the source-table rather than two. Not that this will matter in the long run, but it's why the number-of-packs appears to be out by one at this early stage.
From this point onwards, it's packs of five. Like all that matters.

So, eighteen packs (or part, thereof) of stickers takes us straight to 36% overall completion. Not too shabby at all!
No pages complete yet, and twelve duplicates accumulated so far.

Here's the breakdown*2, with the green bars being the actual completed percentage by pack increment, and the red dotted line being the simulated prediction...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: 36%!

Duplicates so far: 3,11,20,27
(x2), 51,62,64,71,76,120,123.

If you're collecting these too and you're after any of the stickers appearing in the duplicates-list, give me a shout either in the comments-box or the WoB Facebook page.
Yes, of course I'm serious.

*1 I'm not filling both albums; one's to keep empty, along with an unopened pack of stickers. What? No, you shut up.
*2 It's arguable, of course, that this whole exercise is the breakdown...

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