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Review: Guardians Of The Galaxy (fourth-pass)

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Guardians Of The Galaxy (2D / fourth-pass)
Cert: 12A / 121 mins / Dir. James Gunn
WoB Rating: 7/7
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What can I tell you, that I haven't already told? I love this movie. Even within the Marvel Cinematic Universe it really is the film that keeps on giving, and I'm still drooling over the detail crammed into every costume, ship and set. Cineworld's Take 2 Thursday*1 gave me the chance to enjoy Guardians of the Galaxy on the big screen one last time, and also drag along a couple of members of my family who didn't get round to catching it back in August. They were impressed, which is the important part, although even they admitted they were essentially beaten into submission by the amount of new information that this film throws straight at the viewer, and they decided in short order to just basically sit back and enjoy the explosions.

The gags are still funny, the action's still chaotic and Ronan The Accuser is still one of the best screen-villains Marvel has produced (thanks in no small amount to Lee Pace's performance). My only bugbear is that the film drops so many shreds of information about the galaxy at large that I want to know more, and I know all of those points can't be revisited in future installments (apart from anything else, there'll be new points to pick up by then). Normally I'd tear into the comics and Marvel encyclopaediae, but since I know the MCU is also ploughing its own furrow, I don't want to be taking on too much backstory that's going to be altered, ret-conned or outright dismissed by subsequent movies.

A ridiculous amount of fun without being completely throwaway, if you haven't seen Guardians Of The Galaxy yet, shame on you. It's one of the best movies this year within its genre, and is even performing well against other more grown-up flicks (the user ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDB alone should convince you, even if I can't).

The DVD and BluRay release lands in the UK on November 24th.
Do yourself a favour and put this on your Christmas list.

Is the trailer representative of the film?

Did I laugh, cry, gasp and sigh when I was supposed to?

Does it achieve what it sets out to do?

Pay at the cinema, Rent on DVD or just wait for it to be on the telly?
Well, you don't have much choice now as it's about to hit DVD/Blu-Ray.

Will I think less of you if we disagree about how good/bad this film is?

Will I watch it again?

Is there a Wilhelm Scream?
There flipping well is, yes.

And if I HAD to put a number on it…

And my question for YOU is…
So how come when Peter jets into space to rescue Gamora, Rocket tells him that there's not enough room for them both in the mining pod, even though there clearly is? When Rocket lands his pod back on Knowhere we get to see how much room there is behind the pilot's chair. What gives?

Oh, and when The Dark Aster is plunging through Xandar's atmosphere we're told that the city's been evacuated, so how come there are at least a hundred or so people apparently within walking distance of the eventual crash-site?

*1 You're right, Take 2 Tuesday would work better, wouldn't it? I dunno, maybe they're all staying in for Holby City or something?

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