Sunday, 30 January 2011

89: Review - The Next Three Days

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The Next Three Days
09 Jan 2011. Location: Cinema

Elizabeth Banks has been imprisoned for murder (that she may or may not have committed - do you see what they've done there?). Russell Crowe has to break her out before she gets... transferred to another prison. It's not like she's due to be executed or anything. Still, it's a solid enough premise given the ambiguity of Banks' character.
Quite a few nicely cast small roles and cameos. A two hour film with about an hour and a half's story. Pretty flabby in the middle, although well scripted and acted.
Try not to think too much about things like: "How come he can get through an airport-scanner (post-9/11) with a bag full of cash?" and you'll enjoy it a lot more.
The best part? However much they try to make Elizabeth Banks look dowdy and unattractive, the more they fail.


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