Sunday 30 January 2011

93: Review - The Green Hornet

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The Green Hornet (3D)
23 Jan 2011. Location: Cinema

Not a lot I can say about this, it's HUGELY entertaining all round. Reminded me a lot of a cooler, updated version of The Mask, and not just because of the presence of Cameron Diaz.

Seth Rogen plays his oafish slacker to perfection (as usual), with some excellent interaction with Jay Chou as Cato. Christoph Waltz shows glimmers of the pleasant-faced-malevolence he showed in Inglorious Basterds, but isn't quite given enough to work with to make it convincing. He's given some of the film's funniest lines, but the dryness of his delivery means they get lost amongst the crowd-pleasers.

Diaz is largely there for the sake of it, and while competent, doesn't bring anything unique to the mix. Tom Wilkinson is there under much the same banner, for the most part reprising the brutish-father he played in RocknRolla.

It's got a great soundtrack and some beautiful fight-scenes. LOTS of action, LOTS of laughs. The 3D's not a selling point. When it's used, it looks okay, but that's too rarely. There are entire scenes which don't use it, so you're basically sitting watching a film with shades on, aware that everything's needlessly darker than it should be.

If you enjoyed The Mask and/or Kick-Ass, I highly recommend this. Not too much to think about, but sometimes, thinking's overrated.


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