Sunday, 30 January 2011

90: Review - Tron Legacy

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Tron: Legacy (3D)
10 Jan 2011. Location: Cinema

Hmm, I was prepared to be bored, and the first half of the film didn't disappoint me in that regard. Everything leading up to the nightclub scene LOOKS visually stunning, but is ultimately completely dull.

Then? Cue Mr Michael Sheen as Castor. Just shy of overacting, Castor and his alter-ego may be inhabitants of the digital realm, but they display more personality than the characters who are meant to be actually human. A fantastic fight scene reminiscent of a camp Matrix is the turning point where the film actually becomes engaging and FUN.

The plot's still largely bobbins, but I saw the film's predecessor for the first time since '82(ish) the other week, and this seems like character-development-central compared to that.

In short: Much better than I thought, not quite as good as I'd have liked.

(the first half really holds it back)

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