Friday, 11 November 2011

251: Jet Set Windu

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Look what I found in the loft! Old school goodness on cassette tape!

Jet Set Windu for the Amstrad CPC464

From Wikipedia:
Jet Set Windu is a computer game originally written for the ZX Spectrum home computer, and subsequentally ported onto the Amstrad and Commmodore computer systems. It was published in 1985 by UDC Digital, under license from LucasFilm Ltd, and used a modified Jet Set Willy game engine.
The game is almost identical in concept and execution to Jet Set Willy, but it set in the Star Wars universe, utilizing characters and scenarios from the films.

Jet Set Windu title screen

Jet Set Windu introduction

Jet Set Windu - The Jedi Council Chamber

Jet Set Windu - The Landing Pad

Jet Set Windu - The Geonosian Gardens

Jet Set Windu - Order Sixy Six!

Jet Set Windu - No Place Like Homestead

Jet Set Windu - Aggressive Negotiations

And a closer look at that cover...

Jet Set Windu cover for the Amstrad CPC464

I know what I'm playing for the Winter months...

And because I love you all so much, here are the individual characters...

Jet Set Windu - Mace Windu Jet Set Windu - 501st Clone Trooper Jet Set Windu - Darth Maul

Jet Set Windu - Battle Droid Jet Set Windu - Destroyer Droid Jet Set Windu - Darth Vader

Jet Set Windu - Emperor's Royal Guard Jet Set Windu - Supreme Chancellor Palpatine Jet Set Windu - Imperial Probe Droid

Jet Set Windu - Baby Bantha

Update: Fixed the resolution issues on No Place Like Homestead. The old one's here.

Many thanks to Arantor for reminding me that people will notice ;)

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  1. Nicely done, almost had me fooled for a moment (so much so that I nearly hit up Wikipedia for Jet Set Windu!) but the mountains in 'No Place Like Homestead' are too smooth and high resolution to have been either Amstrad or Speccie ;)

    Still, you can bet that someone is now going to go off and make it for the Speccie and/or a fan remake, can't you, heh?

  2. Yeah, the mountains and the arc of the igloo-dome are both at twice the smoothness they should be. That was the last screen I did, and I just wanted to get it finished; plus I figured that at the end of the day it wasn't absolutely crucial. Although I may go and change it now :p

    The sad fact is, of course, if I'd kept on with the programming I started back in the mid-80's, I'd have been able to build the entire game in less time that it took me to make those screenshots.

    Still, yay for nostalgia and false-memory-syndrome \m/

  3. I wrote jet set willy on the Amstrad. (honest I did). The resolution of your pictures is not the only problem for your Amstrad pictures. The game was written in four colour mode with a raster interrupt on the lower screen to give extra fixed colours in the lower screen area. You would have been the first person that managed to hacked the game engine. (if you had done that then congratulations)

  4. I know the colour palettes are way out ;)
    Thank you for JSW, though.