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255: Review - The Ides of March

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The Ides of March poster

The Ides of March
14th November 2011. Location: Cinema

Hmm. The Ides of March is a difficult one for me to review, as I have very little to compare it to. Political thrillers aren't usually my thing, and while I enjoyed this, it's done little to make me change my viewing habits.

It's a tale, as I suspect many are, about how politicians are not to to be trusted (no matter what flag they're flying), and as a result neither are the people that work for them. Or the press. Don't trust the press (but you knew that already). I think the thing I liked most about the film is the gradual reveal of the characterisation. In their own ways, the major players are all arseholes, and while they appear likeable (or at least bearable) at first, this isn't a story about how power/greed corrupts them - they were like that all along, you just weren't seeing it.

The 'political' politics is kept to a minimum (it's more of a setting than a theme) allowing some strong performances to come through to an international audience who aren't as au fait with the US system as its homegrown audience. With Philip Seymour Hoffman and Paul Giamatti on-board, you might expect it to get bogged down, but it's surprisingly boldly-paced, considering some of the subject matter. Gosling, Clooney and Wood are all on fine, fine form, too.

It's talky and it doesn't spoon-feed the audience that much (and I actually heard two people in the cinema audience give a "wha..?" when it ended the way it does) but if you're in the mood, this is a very engaging film.

For someone who doesn't do politics, I approve wholeheartedly.


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