Wednesday 14 November 2012

BFS Trilogy: Denton County Stories

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Oh, hello.
It's a bit quiet on the cinematic front at the moment, so here's some pictures and stuff I made.

Bowling for Soup: Denton County Stories / GTA
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I drew this back in 2008. It's loosely based around the cover for GTA: Liberty City Stories, and sourced from various BFS pics, both online and from album art (notably The Great Burrito Extortion Case).

It's what happens when I play a lot of GTA and listen to a lot of BFS. A lot of things have changed in four years, but not those two.

Hand-vectored in CorelDraw, with the following portraits filtered through Instagram. Looking back at them now, there's so much I'd do differently. Then again, you'll see how/what I changed when I post the next one in the series.

GTA: Jaret Reddick

GTA: Erik Chandler

GTA: Gary Wiseman

GTA: Chris Burney

GTA: The lady from inside The Great Burrito Extortion Case cover that I thought was Lesley Roy, but now I don't think it is.

GTA: Jaret's MusicMan Axis

Oh, and yes, the guys have seen it.
BFS at Oxford O2 Academy / Zodiac, Jul 2008.

Coming soon...
'Party Like It's 1985'

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