Monday, 19 November 2012

BFS Trilogy: Party Like It's 1985

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Hello. In lieu of film reviews, more pictures...

This is part two of a Bowling For Soup art-trilogy-thing. You can see part one here.

Bowling for Soup: Party Like it's 1985 / GTA
Click for bigger, 1198*1198px, 556kb, Opens in new window.

This one is from 2010. The feel is largely inspired by GTA: Vice City Stories, although the colour palette is a lot more muted (so more Scarface than Miami Vice).

There are more levels of high/lowlights, and a lot of the detail is defined by the shading, rather than a base line-drawing. It's less stylised than the previous entry. Again, it's hand-vectored in CorelDraw, based on a photoshoot BFS did for Kerrang! with the following portraits filtered through Instagram.

GTA:1985 Jaret Reddick

GTA:1985 Erik Chandler

GTA:1985 Gary Wiseman

GTA:1985 Chris Burney

I think it's held up pretty well, but it's nowhere near as defined as my Empire Strikes Back piece, also from 2010. You'll see a lot more of the required definition in the final part of the trilogy (can't really call it a triptych, can I? Or can I?)

Oh, and yes. The guys have seen it.
GTA:1985 Signed 6x4's. Because.

Coming soon...
'Things To Do In Denton When You're Undead'

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