Saturday, 27 July 2013

Review: Monsters University (second-pass)

World of Blackout Film Review

Monsters University Poster

Monsters University (Second-pass / 2D)
Cert: U / 110 mins / Dir. Dan Scanlon

Well, there's really not much more to add, watching MU again. Nothing new jumped out at me thematically, although I can say that it was just as much fun to watch a second time. The script, performances and animation are all absolutely flawless. Again, only got to see it in 2D; again, more by circumstance than judgement.

One thing that did keep tickling me, though: Is this a Hutt?
Monsters University, sneaky Hutt cameo?

It wasn't so much Jabba he reminded me of, as a slightly older version of Rotta The Hutt. He keeps appearing throughout the film, and I first noticed him jostling for position at the safety line when the young ones visit Monsters Inc's scare-floor. In the absence of any overt Star Wars references, this'll do nicely.

Anyhow, if you only see one animated family movie this summer, make it this one.

In tangentially related news, the short The Blue Umbrella runs before the movie. While it's technically beautiful, it didn't connect with me the way that Paperman did, and yet the soundtrack from it has been stuck in my head for days.

Is the trailer representative of the film?

Did I laugh, cry, gasp and sigh when I was supposed to?

Does it achieve what it sets out to do?

Pay at the cinema, Rent on DVD or just wait for it to be on the telly?

Will I think less of you if we disagree about how good/bad this film is?

Will I watch it again?

Is there a Wilhelm Scream?

And because you won't be happy until I've given it a score...

And my question for YOU is…
As a third installment is doubtlessly going through the first stages of assembly as we speak, what would you like to see from it?

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