Saturday, 30 August 2014

Lego Trilogy: The Walking Dead

Hello. I made you a thing.

Slightly Inappropriate Lego, at

The idea's fairly self-explanatory: Lego*1 designs of slightly inappropriate subject matter. Not wholly inappropriate, that'd just be wrong. Just the kind of thing they make these toys of, but not these toys.
The kind of thing where you wouldn't really want your five-year-old watching the source material...

#2 The Walking Dead

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #8 : Rick Grimes

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #9 : Carl Grimes

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #10 : Michonne

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #11 : Daryl Dixon

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #12 : Merle Dixon

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #13 : Andrea

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #14 : Hershel Greene

Slightly Inappropriate Lego Bonus Card: Rick Grimes (Book Cover)

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #15 : The Governor

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #16 : Milton Mamet

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #17 : Caesar Martinez

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #18 : Walkers (1)

Slightly Inappropriate Lego #19 : Walkers (2)

Cute, aren't they?
Here are some wallpapers for you...

Slightly Inappropriate Lego: The Walking Brick ~ Book Cover
^^ Click for Bigger / 1440*900px / 188kb / Opens in new window

Slightly Inappropriate Lego: The Walking Brick ~ Good Guys
^^ Click for Bigger / 1440*900px / 159kb / Opens in new window

Slightly Inappropriate Lego: The Walking Brick ~ Bad Guys
^^ Click for Bigger / 1440*900px / 166kb / Opens in new window

You're very welcome.
One more, coming soon*2... :)

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*1 Or "Generic/Compatible Interlocking Building Block System Toys". Your choice, really. You know what I'm talking about, anyway.
*2 Yeah, I know it's taken a year and a half to post part two. Look, I've got films to watch, haven't I? What do you want?

• ^^^ That's dry, British humour, and most likely sarcasm or facetiousness.

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