Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Podcast: Hell, Yes II ~ It's just too good!

Well, hello there! As well as putting my words in your eyes, you can now put them in your ears too, courtesy of The Hell, Yes Podcast!

John Galantini hosts an hour of music and chat, curated for your listening pleasure on a weekly basis. This second episode features tracks from (among others) Iggy Pop, the Manics, Otis Redding, and Huey Lewis & The News as john talks with Back To The Future fan and collector, Matthew Harrison about his exhibition of props and memorabilia currently on display at Portsmouth Museum.

Additionally, James Reeve drops by to discuss the finer points of glockenspiel/xylophone classification and bring us a track by Of Norway, and of course I'm on hand to ramble on about which films deserve your money if you're walking past a cinema or branch of Ritz Video.

You can listen through The Hell, Yes Podcast Mixcloud page, or just click the play button below these very words. If you enjoy the show*1, you can show your appreciation by clicking the Share button on Mixcloud or leaving some lovely words in the comments-box over there.

The "Hell, Yes!" Podcast - Episode 2: Back to the Glockenspiel by Hellyespodcast on Mixcloud

*1 and why wouldn't you? It's fantastic. Despite having me in it.

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