Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Podcast: Hell Yes III ~ Destined For Hugeness!

And so, Episode III of The "Hell, Yes!" Podcast is now live, with a whopping 79 of your Earth-minutes of music and chat!

Fashion correspondent Pippa Bugg discusses the permissible occasions for wearing toed-trainers and how to dress for a first date (the two don't overlap, surprisingly); Rich Lansley talks about art defying categorisation; James Reeve pops in to give us a track by andhim; and comedian Lou Sanders drops by to chat about prepping for her Edinburgh show and gigging in L.A.

(Oh, also features me saying mouth-words about Woman In Gold and Paul Blart 2.)

All of this, ably captained by your host John Galantini, curating tracks from Drake, Elmore James and Creedence Clearwater Revival (among others)…

It's all great! It's all free! It's all you can do to shop yourself showering us with praise, I know!

You can listen to the show in the player below or click on through to the Mixcloud page. And while you're there, it'd be simply spiffing if you could leave us a comment and maybe hit share for the social network of your choice, hmm?

The "Hell, Yes!" Podcast - Episode 3: Destined for Hugeness by Hellyespodcast on Mixcloud

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