Thursday, 4 December 2014

67% - The Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: The Unofficial Over-Analysis Toolkit...

Nine packs of stickers opened, and the collection continues steadily (if hesitatingly) upwards to 67% from 55% last time. Although with 45 potential wants giving us only 24 for the album with 21 swaps, you could be forgiven for thinking that it's becoming a losing battle (especially as the overall quantity of duplicates has almost doubled since the 55% post)...

Nonetheless, progress (the green bars in the chart) is now notably ahead of the prediction-model (the red-dotted-line), which calculated 45 packs giving a 59% completion-rate. And while we only got one pack out of this haul which contained 5 for the album, we still haven't had any nil-packs (ie the ones full of swaps). Yet. Two more album pages completed today, and the first of the poster pages, too (albeit the poster page with only one sticker on it, but hey).

So with 139 of the 208 now peeled-off and stuck-in, we only need another 44 stickers before we can get that top-up order placed. If The Maker smiles upon us, we could do that in the next round, although I think we all know that's not going to happen.

Anyway, here's the roundup as it stands...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: 67%!

Duplicates so far: 2,3
(x2), 11,20,22,27(x2), 30,31,35,44,48,51,53,62,64,68,71,76(x2), 83,87,90,91,97,98,105,109,110,120(x2), 123(x2), 137,140,146,162,164,169,172,186,P2.

[If you're collecting these too and you're after any of the stickers appearing in the duplicates-list, give me a shout either in the comments-box or the WoB Facebook page.
Yes, of course I'm serious.]

Today's completed pages:
(Click for big)
Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Album Page 05 Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Album Page 20 Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Poster Page 01

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