Sunday, 7 December 2014

74% - The Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: The Unofficial Over-Analysis Toolkit...

Oh, now we've hit the wall. This is where the geeks are separated from the pretenders and progress starts to slow. Fifteen packs opened tonight, and out of 75 stickers, only 14 make it into the album. And 7 (seven) of those were nil-packs, consisting entirely of duplicates. On the plus side*1, that small number has seen pages 25 and 29 completed, as well as poster-page 4.

The projected average has pretty much caught back up with us and stands at 72%, while the actual album limps up to 74%. Disheartening certainly, but only to be expected (indeed, predicted). The duplicate-pile now stands at 104 stickers, which is exactly half an album's worth. And I need another 30 stickers before I can grab the sticky-backed lifeline that is the top-up order.

The game continues...

Star Wars Rebels Official Sticker Collection 2014: 74%!

Duplicates so far: 1,2,3
(x3), 7,11,12,15,16,19(x2), 20,22(x2), 26,27(x2), 28,30(x2), 31,32,33,35,36(x2), 43(x2), 44(x2), 48(x2), 51,52,53(x2), 57,58,62,63,64,67,68,71,76(x3), 80,81,83(x3), 87(x3), 88,90(x2), 91,92,94,95,97,98,104,105,109(x2), 110,111,120(x2), 122,123(x3), 134,137,140,142,143(x2), 146,147,152,160,162,164(x2), 165(x2), 169(x2), 172,185,186(x2), 189,190,192,197,P2,P4.

[If you're collecting these too and you're after any of the stickers appearing in the duplicates-list, give me a shout either in the comments-box or the WoB Facebook page.
Yes, of course I'm serious.]

Today's completed pages:
(Click for big)
Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Album Page 25 Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Album Page 29 Star Wars Rebels Sticker Collection 2014 / Poster Page 04

*1 Let me get something positive out of this; a 19% return on £7.50's worth of stickers has put a right bloody damper on my evening.

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