Friday, 26 December 2014

A schematic map of the Star Wars galaxy.

Hello. I've made you a map. A Star Wars map. It's based, of course, on the famous London Underground map, designed by Harry Beck in 1931. While the stations shown are in their approximate correct positions, it's a schematic map created for ease-of-use, so doesn't accurately represent geographical locations or distances.

With this in mind, I've put together a diagrammatic map of the Star Wars galaxy (since geographic charts of the GFFA are already available), with the various planets and moons recorded in order of their screen-appearance, intersecting across the various 'lines' where possible. The map splits the Original and Prequel Trilogies (again, for ease-of-use) and covers the Holiday Special, Droids / Ewoks cartoons and both iterations of the animated Clone Wars series. I've even given the Special Edition films their own branch line, since there'd no doubt be tears if I'd included them as standard ;)

A section of the schematic map of the Star Wars Galaxy Far, Far Away.

The best place to start will probably be at Tatooine (Homestead) on the Imperial Line (the yellow one), and work your way south to Alderaan then around the rest of the trilogy. Repeat for the Prequel Trilogy starting at Naboo (Swamps) on the Republic Like (the pink one), and then journey as far around the galaxy as your geek-cred will allow.
Here's the full map…

A schematic map of the Star Wars Galaxy Far, Far Away. Click for big.
Click for big (3000*1874 px).

As you can see, I've taken a little artistic license from time to time (eg Dagobah East and West), but that shouldn't impair the accuracy of the map too much. Also, The Clone Wars series (Filoni) was a bit of a nightmare since there are episodes on Coruscant frequently enough to make the map unable to loop back each time. So like I said, artistic license.

I've made mention of The Force Awakens, but haven't listed any locations in it for obvious reasons. I also haven't included Star Wars Rebels since that's an ongoing series. Naturally, I'll have mis-spelled or omitted a planet or moon somewhere along the line (no pun intended), so feel free to drop me a note in the comments box down there (or on the Facebook page).

You're very, very welcome.

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