Thursday, 4 December 2008

5. You know that "A-Team"?

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You know who I mean, don'tcha?

Well, why were they called "The A-Team" exactly? Did they think of that themselves, or did someone else call them it and it just kind of stuck? Bearing in mind they'd escaped from prison and they were trying to keep a low profile; driving a VERY distinctive black GMC around and creating general havoc with drug barons and sweatshop-gangmasters isn't a good start. Calling yourselves "The A-Team" is just going to attract more unwanted attention isn't it?

Then it occurrs to me that the only logical reason for choosing that name is so that can be first in the phone book.
"If you're in trouble, and you can find them, maybe you can hire... The A-team. Look under "V" for Vigilante"

That way, those Hispanic sweatshop workers in that shed and Boy George would be able to get hold of them easily enough. I bet Knight Rider was fucking kicking himself. He should have called himself AARDVARK RIDER.

+ + +

And speaking of the van... You know how they kept drugging BA to get him into whatever vehicle was being commandeered (stolen) by Murdoch? If they've covered a distance that justifies flying and drugging the most dangerous fucker in the gang, how come the van was always at the other end waiting for them? Who drove it there? Why not just go in the van?

If they had to fly back after an adventure to the long-stay car-park, the military could easily have caught them by just staking out the fucking obvious van. Unless of course they had a series of vans in towns, cities and scrubland locations across the country, just waiting for them to arrive. That'd be quite sensible actually. They could hire them out when they're not in town, and the military would never work out which van had the REAL A-team in it. AND they'd make a few bob on the side. GENIUS.

Still, I'd probably have thought of a better name.

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  1. Speaking of Knightrider, there's a Knightrider Street in Maidstone. No, really. For reasons best known to themselves, our lot have got a head office there.

  2. There's a one in Sandwich as well, MINT :D And in London, but you'd expect them to have one. Adjacent to "Dempsey & Makepeace Avenue".