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240: Review - The Lion King (3D)

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The Lion King (3D) poster

The Lion King (3D)
13th October 2011. Location: Cinema

I've been to see an Elton John musical.

I think... think... that this is the first time I've seen The Lion King all the way through. Yeah, I know. I've definitely seen bits of it before, and I know the general gist of the story, so I've never had the feeling that I've missed out.

So, yes. It's an astounding film. Mostly. I'll be honest, apart from The Circle of Life, I could have done without the songs, few as they are. I could also have done without a lot of the humour, and had a film that concentrated more on the mythology...

...but then I had to keep reminding myself that I was watching a Disney film aimed at kids.

But when it's great it's fucking magnificent, and I'm very pleased to have seen it in the cinema. The 3D's so-so. I mean, it's there, and it does its best, but it's got to be difficult to convert traditional two-dimensional animation, as they're just not 3D objects. As a result, for the most part it comes over like an animated decoupage; flat images at varying levels of depth. I wouldn't go so far as to say it detracts from the movie, but it definitely doesn't add anything.

But if you love The Lion King, make a point of catching this at the cinema; it's worth it for the digital projection alone, even if you see the 2D version. This puts most of Disney's other output to shame.


Oh, and if anyone can point me towards a version where all of James Earl Jones' Mufasa lines are processed to sound like Darth Vader, I'd be incredibly grateful. I can't be the only person who wants to see that, can I?

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