Saturday, 29 October 2011

246: In Pictures - Bowling For Soup

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28th October 2011.
HMV Forum, Kentish Town (The Town & Country, call it by its name)

What do I write about Bowling For Soup? Two awesome shows in a week. Saw them in Oxford on the 22nd, but didn't take any photographs.
I also started writing an actual gig-report, then realised it was sort of redundant. Here's the short version:

Orange: Not for me, but the kids seemed to be enjoying them.
Suburban Legends: Loads of fun, I was very impressed.
Bowling For Soup: Excellent (as usual), even though the entire band and crew are (/have been) ill with this cold-thing thats been doing the rounds.

Anyway, I figured I'd post the photos I took at the London show.
The principle's simple enough: Bad photographs look slightly less bad when they've been filtered through PolaDroid. Click on any of these to see the bigger version over at FacePage.

And big hugs to the awesome folks from the BFS Army who made it all even better:

I'm not saying that BFS have 'the best fans', but they're definitely the best people.

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