I made this...

Hello. Sometimes, amazingly, I make pictures and things which aren't about Star Wars.

And here is the proof.

Pictures that have fallen out of my brain.

Bowling For Soup: Things to do in Denton when you're Undead...

Bowling For Soup: Party Like It's 1985...

Bowling For Soup: GTA - Denton County Stories Bowling For Soup: What's that coming over the hill? Bowling For Soup: What IS that coming over the hill? Bowling For Soup: Is it a monster? Is it a mon-sterrr? Drawing for Skittlez: Bowling For Soup Pumpkin Soup!

Call Centre Joke number one. Everyone's a Comedian... Zombeadle's About He can't see us if we don't move... Get Weld Soon... Misplaced Movie Props...

Magpuss P.I. Who ARE we going to call..? I need YOU to DIE! Resident Elvis Poirot & Jones More than a little bitter...

Jet Set Willy and Mario. In Megabloks. CubeArt 1.0 - The Italian Plumber Stop Carrying On... A more genteel form of social networking... A tale of two Joes... The Eternia College of Art and Design...

Hello Thunder... Skittlez: Boys from The Dwarf... Skittlez: Odds and Ends... Skittlez: Watchmen Skittlez: Marvel Heroes and Villains

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  1. Excellent blog! Are you on Google+ yet?

  2. I thank you, and no not yet. It cross my mind, then I thought I'd missed the window. May still happen though :)